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Inside The Beast 2.0

Inside the Beast is a 3D shooter games program where players are challenged
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Inside the Beast 2.0 is a 3D shooter games program where players are challenged to stop the Beast unleashing his evil on the world by overcoming the threat of his minions and rescuing the hearts of those who have failed the same quest previously, to win the game.

When the game launches players are presented with a ‘glowing’ bright screen that displays navigational instructions for controlling the game. These are very simple, pressing the spacebar begins the game and players find themselves presented with the pink colored scenic corridors of the Beast’s intestines, looking down the barrel of a loaded crossbow; just move the mouse and arrow keys on the keyboard for movement, and the left mouse button to ‘fire’ and the right mouse button to ‘jump’.

As players move in and around up and down those tubular corridors, skeletons, zombies, mad axe men and mutants appear to challenge them and fire at them from a distance throughout the journey of the game. The main character, (now the player), had two best friends who previously followed the same quest, so the story goes, and they were defeated by the Beast’s minions. He buried their hears in concrete and if players need energy to get through the game, they must find the concrete markers that reveal all hearts gone before and retrieve those hearts in order to get more lives.

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